5 Cheap & Cheerful Home Decor Trends


Home decor trends are constantly evolving and changing. What is cool one year can easily look outdated the next. If you are feeling like you decor needs some refreshing your answer maybe as simple as incorporating a few new trendy items or colors into your rooms. Here are some of the top home decor trends that we are loving at the moment. Best of all these home decor trends are affordable and easy to find at your favorite home stores.

1. Copper and Rose Gold
The new “it” metal for 2016 is most definitely rose gold. It can be found in all sorts of home decor items such as wire baskets, serving ware, utensils, clocks, wall hangings, and much more. If you want to really jump into the trend, consider incorporating a rose gold accent chair or side table into your room. Maybe even add a fun rose gold lighting fixture or chandelier.

2. Marble
Marble has a very luxe, elegant feel. In 2016 it is back in a big way. You’ll find it in all sorts of kitchen and bathroom accent pieces. Some people are taking the trend a step further and are choosing to use it for their countertops, because it is so timeless and will last for the long haul.

3. Acrylic
In 2016 many trendy homeowners are opting for a more clean, minimalistic approach to home decor. The rise of this look has created an interest in clear acrylic home decor pieces. Furniture made from acrylic is everywhere! From cool midcentury-inspired desk chairs, to awesome end tables you will find that this is a simple and easy furniture trend to add to your home. Acrylic organizers are also very popular for storing everything in your home from makeup to panty items like cans and granola bars.

4. Gray Paint
When it comes to paint the hot must-have color to try is definitely gray. You will see beautiful and elegant gray paint swatches all over Pinterest right now. The right shade of gray can create a calming atmosphere and it also looks great with a wide variety of color palettes. Plus paint has a hugely transforming effect on a room, taking it from drab to interesting without having to spend a lot of cash in the process. We are loving these stunning shades from Benjamin Moore.

5. Mirrored Furniture
Another 2016 trend that we are loving is mirrored furniture. It instantly adds elegance and glamour to a room. It is also very versatile and looks great with rooms of all color palettes since it is so neutral. Plus it adds some nice variation to the room providing an interesting accent piece to tie the room together. While mirrored furniture can be pricey, its surge in popularity has made it available at some really great discounted prices at stores like TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and Target.


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