I’ve often wondered where all the power in my house went? Well, now I can Find out.


Sense is a home energy monitor that plugs into your electrical panel, then via Wifi and the App, it gives you a line item report of what devices are using energy and how much. The level of detail in these reports alone will help anyone save money. You’ll soon know which lights are needless on, or when you are using electricity to power your AC when you are not home. Based on what I have seen of it so far the product is unobtrusive, easy to install (if you have wifi), and best of all does not require an expensive smart home system to work – any house can benefit. The potential for this to save you money is unreal especially if like me your power bills are in the 3 figures every month. For larger power users I could see this paying for itself in 6 months or less just by eliminating waste.


As for all the power I use and where it went?  Heating and cooling were the answer.


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