10 affordable date night ideas


The classic dinner out date night can get pretty expensive and around this time of year with Christmas coming up quickly spending MORE money isn’t always in the cards.  To that end we’ve compiled a list of budget-friendly “date night” ideas:

Picnic time
Being out in the great outdoors getting fresh air is always a great way to spend the day. Grab a blanket and a bottle of wine and head out to your favorite park. You can make cheap sandwiches or crackers with a variety of cheeses and deli meats for a quick and easy meal.

Go For a Bike Ride
A leisurely bike ride is a great way to spend the day. Find a new spot in your city to explore and finish off the day by grabbing a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone.

Dinner at Home
Making a meal together and catching up after a long hectic week can be a nice way to wind down and spend time together.

Ice Skating
This is a fun, low key activity that makes for a really fun date night whether it is with someone you just met or with your spouse of many years. Plus ice skating is generally a pretty inexpensive date night, and you could even bring your kids if you aren’t able to get a sitter for the evening.

Go to a local show
Does your town or city have a killer hometown band that is playing? Go! Tickets will be cheap.

Volunteer Together
Doing something nice for your community is a great way to bond with someone and share a really cool, unique experience. It is also completely free. Best of all you are doing something that you know will make a difference which is always a good use of your time.



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