Hosting Thanksgiving on a Budget


Let’s start with my three favorite F’s: Friends, Family, and Food. For many of us who are hosting Thanksgiving, it can also be expensive and stressful. Here are some quick tips to help you host thanksgiving on a budget.

1.) Say YES! – People always offer to help out their hosts, take them up on this offer, it will save you time and money to have people pick things up and bring over food.

2.) Potluck? – Maybe not full pot luck but we all have those folks in our social circle that make a killer app or dip, ask them to bring some over this is a great way to share new foods with people and save on the budget.

3.) Plan Ahead – Take the time to confirm your group, make the right amount of food for the attendees and plan those items out beforehand. They make them from scratch. Scratch-made items are more often than not cheaper and better than prepared ones.

4.) Take it easy on the booze, or better yet have your attendees bring some with them to share.

Relying on friends and planning ahead are the two biggest takeaways for us when it comes to hosting this years’ Thanksgiving on a budget. Also, check out sites like Epicurious and Bon Appetite for more ideas.


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