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Apple TV

Like Roku, Apple TV gives you access to a large selection of apps though not as many as Roku. However, when it comes to the ones that count most to the majority of viewers, Apple TV still gets the job done. Also if you have invested in a lot of iTunes content over the years such as movie downloads or music downloads, that will all be easily accessible on the Apple TV. In typical Apple fashion, the use of iTunes is heavily intertwined with the device. If you want to rent or own a tv show or movie that transaction needs to be done through iTunes.  The new version uses Siri to provide voice-activated commands and gives you access to Apple Music and the app store. If you are looking to cast content from your iPhone to your TV, Apple TV is excellent at this thanks to Apple’s AirPlay feature. You can cast your phone screen or just about any video or music app’s content to your TV.


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