Is a Pre-Paid Cell Phone Right for You ?

Prepaid cell phones can be a bit of a gamble cost wise but for the right user they can save you a tone of money.


If you are anything like me, you have sat there staring at your cell phone bill wondering where the money goes every month and marveling how it manages to creep up over time. You’ve probably also thought about: switching carriers, plans, or looking at a pre-paid cell phone. Today we’ll take a deeper dive into that last point to see if that pre-paid cell phone you have been thinking of makes sense for you, or anyone in your family (Spoiler: for perhaps 15% of us it makes a lot of sense).

If you meet the following criteria, switching from a classic contract or post-paid phone with one of the big 3 carriers to a pre-paid cell phone will prove a good option:

  1. – If you are a light user of your phone. Classic plans get cheaper at the unit level as usage goes up so heavier users benefit form being on a contract.
  2. – If you are an inconsistent user of your phone. What is the point in paying for 500 minutes a month is one month you use 500 and the next you use 75 – and don’t be fooled by “roll over minutes” almost none of those get used, they aren’t giving you anything.
  3. – If data is no big deal to you. Classic postpaid cell phone plans are the better option for heavy data users.
  4. – If you want to make sure you absolutely never get hit with an overage. Or to control your child’s usage of a phone.
  5. – If you do not use your phone for work.

What is above sounds like a pretty big group but in reality it is a small portion of the general cell phone using populous, but if you fit into that group the switch to a pre-paid cell phone is absolutely the way to go.


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