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How do you stay motivated at the Gym?

Going to the Gym is hard, staying motivated at the Gym is even harder. There I said it, I know many of us profess to love it and find it easy, but at least half the people on any given day find it difficult to get up go through the day and get to the gym. Finding ways to stay motivated and to continue to progress are key to keeping that gym motivation up and achieving the results you want.


Here are some gym motivation tips that work for me:

1.) Get a fitness tracker and enable it on your phone. For me knowing what I did if I had a productive day or exactly how much exercise I got is motivating, playing little games with my self to get better numbers is fun and much easier to track with new technology.

2.) Join a good gym, one that is close to you, easy to park at, has a wide variety of classes and equipment. Boredom and difficulty of use are two of the biggest barriers you should remove before you start.

3.) Get a Gym buddy – accountability and friendship are 2 great ways to help stay motivated at the gym. Finding someone to go with you is probably the best way to do this.

4.) Gear! – If you are like me and like new toys/tech/gear reward yourself as you hit milestones at the gym.

5.) Set realistic time based milestones for yourself at the gym. “Lose 10lbs By X date” is a terrible goal and will frustrate you if you only get to 9lbs, instead try “Go to Gym 10 of next 14 days.”

So there you have it some motivational tips, we know it can be hard so we’d also love to hear from you about what works to stay motivated at the gym in the comments below.


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